Having high quality tile and plaster can prolong the life of your pool. Should your pool plaster need some touching up or complete re-plastering, Prosperity Pools has the expertise to handle it.  

We can come out to your home and determine your needs. Some homeowners may be looking to fix up a pool and upgrade the equipment to sell their property, in which case the most affordable option is typically white plaster. Other homeowners may have goals of living in their home for a long time, therefore quartz plaster would give them a longer life and 10-year warranty, although the quartz plaster has been known to last a couple of decades or more.

Renovation Choices Include:
⦁ Drain and acid wash
⦁ Bead blasting
⦁ Calcium removal
⦁ Pressure washing decks and other outdoor areas
⦁ Plaster (all types and styles)
⦁ Remodeling and disaster cleanup of pool area
⦁ Tile removal and installation

You’ll enjoy your pool and the outdoors even more with our renovation and plaster service! We’ve partnered with the area’s best vendors to give you the highest quality finished product at the lowest price.

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