Are you contemplating hiring a pool service in South Houston? If so, it can only mean one of two things.

  • ONE: You’re frustrated with your current pool service provider – either from the lack of service or the high cost for little results – or both…
  • TWO: You’re a homeowner who is tired of the headaches and hassles of trying to balance the chemicals, diagnose issues with your pool, or spending too much on trial-and-error methods of cleaning it on your own.

Either way, we care about your dilemma. We want you to be prosperous and happy with your pool. We won’t lock you into any contracts. It’s very simple with Prosperity Pools. You pay us and we come every week. If you no longer need us, simply give us one month’s notice.
We go above and beyond to keep your pool looking bright and pleasing, so that you can spend more time in your pool and less time cleaning and worrying! Our weekly services include:

⦁ Chemistry testing and balance
⦁ Surface and pool bottom debris removal
⦁ Brushing of plaster
⦁ Back washing filter (when applicable)
⦁ Quarterly routine filter cleanings
⦁ Routine equipment evaluation and maintenance
⦁ … and more!

Sound good? Let’s get started…


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