How much are your services?

 The cost varies depending on the gallon size and type of your pool. It is best to get a quote upon our first assessment, but if you’re trying to get an idea of local service rates for pool companies in Pearland, Texas, it would cost approximately $125-$130/month for small pool, or $160-$180 for large pool.

What is your service area?

Prosperity Pools serves clients from Pearland, Texas, to Manvel, Alvin, Dickinson, League City, Santa Fe, Seabrook, Clear Lake and beyond.

Are the chemicals included in the price?

Yes, the monthly maintenance fee includes chemicals, however, you may still need to add a few chemicals in between visits, at least during the summer when the Houston humidity chart roars off the radar! 


Will the algae go away?

Algae is tough to get rid of in the summer, but yes, we can turn your swimming pool around within 24-48 hrs. We have fixed everything from black pools to green ones and other weird colors not worth mentioning.
We also recommend Pool RX during the summer months. This will help your pool to stay crystal clear.

How often do you come?

If you sign up for monthly services, we come once each week on a predesignated day.



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